FestivalForGood Conversation 1: Collaborations For Impact: Top Reasons Why You Need To Partner a Social Enterprise


Conversations is a series of talks and panel discussions as part of FestivalForGood 2020 on topics regarding the social enterprise sector, social impact, and doing good in Singapore. We hope to spread awareness about social enterprises and social issues in Singapore, as well as engage members of the public in meaningful discussions about how we can make Singapore a better place for all.

This conversation is organised as part of FestivalForGood 2020, Asia's largest celebration of Social Enterprises, and the social impact they created. More information on FestivalForGood can be found at https://www.festivalforgood.sg The virtual FestivalForGood is brought to you by raiSE, in partnership with DBS Foundation. South Beach Consortium is the virtual venue partner.

Session 1: Collaborations For Impact: Top Reasons Why You Need To Partner a Social Enterprise

With the global shift in mindsets from a commitment to shareholders to a focus on stakeholders, the communities in which the corporate operates in becomes the immediate demographic of focus. How then can Social Enterprises contribute and support larger corporations in their sustainability journeys? Social Enterprises and Corporations will share about how and why they have embarked on more strategic and sustainable partnerships.

Who Will Be Speaking?

Moderator: Chan Sze Min - Partnerships & Engagement, raiSE

Sze Min leverages on her business acumen and understanding of social issues to consult and advise social entrepreneurs, corporates and industry partners in their journey to create a sustainable social enterprise eco-system. Sze Min started her career in the social sector with Community Foundation of Singapore. She helped to set up and manage more than 100 charitable funds and gave out approximately S$ 10million in grants each year. She then joined National Council of Social Service to work closer with the social organisations to bring about human-centric and sustainable solutions. Before joining this sector, Sze Min spent couple of years in the education industry and even started a business in China.

Peter Yang - Founder & CEO, Empact
Peter Yang is the Founder & CEO of Empact, a leading social enterprise he founded in 2011. Over the years, he has grown to be a leader not just within Empact but also in the wider local social enterprise and charitable community with his innovative thinking and passion to positively impact social organisations.

Under Peter’s leadership, Empact has developed a unique value proposition in being able to provide professional and quality services to social organisations at affordable rates, if not pro bono, through collaborating with various partners including corporates and grant makers.

To date, Empact has impacted more than 800 social organisations in Singapore and around the region, contributing over $8 million worth of savings by channelling talent and resources to build their capacity through skills-based volunteering.

Stanley Lim - Founder & CEO, Findjobs
With more than 15 years in the manpower industry, Stanley founded KSC Consultants, a search and placement company in 2011 serving clients from leading MNCs and local SMEs. In 2016, Findjobs was incorporated with a mission to connect online jobs to offline jobseekers with a focus to empower disadvantaged jobseekers like low income residents, active seniors and blue collar workers.

James Teh - Ex-CoFounder, T.ware
James is currently the SEA lead of BD for a multinational tech company. In this role, he drives deals and initiatives to distribute products to drive monetization efforts, enable first of its kind partnerships with telcos, 3P apps and devices. James is a the ex-cofounder of T.Ware, a social enterprise and wearable technology startup based in Singapore with a global user base. T.Ware focuses on creating novel wearable technology applications. Its vision is 'to understand human discomfort to deliver the right touch'. T.Ware secured VC and Spring SEEDS funding, and its TJacket product found customers from educational centers globally. Previously, James worked as a Research Fellow at the Interactive Digital Media Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS). He completed his Ph.D in Electrical & Computer Engineering at NUS.

Jeon Enzu - Director, Strategic Support, APAC Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson

Other Sessions:

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